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> Notice regarding selling collections!, -> Any sellers please read this <-
Cmdr Raptor
post Oct 10 2003, 04:42 PM
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Evil Corporate CEO

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I see that there are alot of people selling their collection these days. Something that's bad for the community. I'm not trying to stop people to sell their collection, that's 100% their own choice. I have ONE request thou!


You say you don't got time, don't get the hang of it etc etc. But if you hang on to your chars, it's easier if you one time maybe want to try CX out again. Uninstall CX, delete the directory, but keep the char! Copy it to a floppy, and put it far away in a drawe or whatever! But keep it! And if you one day decide to get back, I'm sure there are people (me included) that will help you build up your collection again. (Not if you're only goiing to sell out again tongue.gif)

Ok. That was the request of the day, from yours truly Werner aka Cmdr Raptor.

Have a nice day! turned.gif

(note to Crash: can u make this a sticky thingie on top?)

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
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post Oct 10 2003, 08:39 PM
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Lil' Kid

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what I dont understand Commander is why are you having a problem with PP selling everything including there CXC file off?
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post Oct 10 2003, 09:07 PM
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DR Boss

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i always suggest people sell only there rares, its all anyone genrally wants anyways, and if you keep your uc c you can come play MM. i mean how many people sell there scrabble or chess board if they havent used in a month or two. even a year or two.

and swapping/selling cxc's is against policy if i remember, makes it impossible for that person to ever rebuild it, and the original person could just say he was hacked, and the company would have to give them their char back, so its more for the buyees protection

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post Apr 15 2004, 04:23 PM
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Lil' Kid

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QUOTE (OOM9 @ Oct 10 2003, 12:39 PM)
what I dont understand Commander is why are you having a problem with PP selling everything including there CXC file off?

Klaw's right.


The character always belongs to the person who registered it, so putting you own cards into a traded character is STUPID!!!!!

All they have to do is log-on a week later with a backup copy of their CXC, rebuild their character, and *poof!*, say good-bye to your collection.

Plus, once you boot up a traded character on your computer, you "inherit" it's BSRD-reputation. If that guy was a jerk with lots of warnings and suspensions and accusations of scamming, you could find that character and all your other characters banned from the game. And it could be a while (or never) before BSRD can sort it all out and separate you from "him".

Likewise, when you go online with a traded character, you "inherit" all the private tags that guy had, his W/L record, disco%, and ribbons/trophies, etc... Putting aside the point that representing yourself as a 9th ranked, 12-time tournament champion, when you are NOT the person who achieved those things, is deceptive, "inheriting" the private tags more likely means that you'll have to put up with accusations of being a "puller" or "cheater" from people who've tagged the former owner of that character.

Finally, there's a big frigg'n message on the log-in screen of the game that says "NEVER TRADE YOUR CHARACTER". Do you think it's taking up valuable screen real estate because it's pretty and funny? More likely its there for a good reason......

- Pudgimelon

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