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> Booster for each of the top 3, Decks....
post Sep 13 2003, 03:46 AM
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Lil' Kid

Group: Life
Posts: 26
Joined: May 2003
Member No.: 94

Well my deck is called MONKEYS!!!!! why uhm cause the simlords i guess:)

its a basic ascension deck with BP. Oh the cantors are contract fodders but incase of emergancy to run data squeeze.

2 Aaron Kofler
2 Crow's Nest Station
3 Kantor
1 Katherine Carter
2 Silent Sentinel
3 Sim Lord
3 UXB Team
1 Ascension
2 Birth Cry
1 Breakpoint
2 Covert Ops Contract
2 Sentience
1 Software Maintenance Contract
2 Datasqueeze
1 BitTap
3 Brain Bank
1 Build Site
2 Jack-Ups Bar
5 Razor Academy

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post Sep 13 2003, 04:17 AM
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Kow of m00ness

Group: Life
Posts: 108
Joined: Mar 2003
Member No.: 62

Weeee... here's my semi-creative very-successful deck

This deck can go on offense or defense, depending on whether you find the opponents HQ right away or not. You can either rush with Maulers/BCDs/HFNs, or keep them on defense, with the HDS and Blinders. Arell Lieu's get you resources, and if you don't attack right away, whittle away at your HQ to allow your Cleaners to wreck havok, especially against DHQ (=. Tasers are to take care of the opponents Mauler at their HQ, or Annoying AT asset, or annoying attacking asset, or whatever. If you don't kill them right away with a Mauler and BCD rush, the best bet is to activate a Nuke before attacking with the cleaners, lowering the possible AT to DX Sentry or Mobile Six Team Gold. And if they have Hazmat HQ, just taser the biggest stuff, kill the smallest stuff, and attack with a couple of cleaners.

4 Arell Cartel Lieutenant
4 Bion Cell Drone
4 Blinder Cannon
4 Hanford Death Squad
4 Mauler Engine
4 Taikun Cleaner
4 Taser Shackles
3 Build Site
4 High Flux Nuke
1 UN HQ (HazMat Division)

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post Sep 13 2003, 04:25 AM
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Rug Rat

Group: Life
Posts: 7
Joined: Jan 2003
Member No.: 31

This deck centres around the killer combo of Quiroga AI, Rijoule's Parasite and Shiden Strider. Here's the lowdown:

2 Ascendant Master
1 Build Site
3 ComForce Spotter
2 Direct Library Petition
3 Displaced Person
3 Library Link
1 Orpheus AI
1 Presence of Ty'llin
3 Prison Camp
1 Quiroga AI
2 Riojule's Parasite
2 SAR Team
4 Shiden Strider
2 Software Maintenance Contract
3 T'am Line
4 Urdan Martyr
3 Urdan Penitent
4 Wiring Factory

The deck has lots of ways to get your parasite with tokens quickly. The 2 Urdans have built in suicide capabilities, and displaced people make use of the covert.gif and form a nice partnership with the Parasite. Use special, parasite displaced person, deploy new one, repeat. Expensive but effective.

A key aspect of the deck is regeneration and bringing your troops back again and again. SAR Team and Martyr's can be a nasty defence, and once Quiroga is in play, Comforce Spotters can turn even displaced people into nasty active defenders.

Everything is geared ultimately, to getting a Shiden Strider pumped with a Parasite and going on the rampage. Presence of Tylinn taps out most defenders but any that are left with a decent enough CA wont put up much of a fight. Ultimately, it's not too bad if there is a CA-skilled defender, as with regeneration every turn will be a painful one for the Striders enemies.

Urdan Penitents can be returned to your hand from the Body Bank, via Orpheus AI or Ascendant Master, to either feed contracts or allow you to benefit from their card drawing abilities more than once.

The Direct Library Petitions are there in case your opening hand is a disaster and is flexible in that it can draw 30 of the 47 cards in the deck.

Quiroga is there for its obvious benefit to Strider but the deck works even if it's not in play. Still a nice wee bonus though.

This deck is fun to play because you can throw caution to the wind early on in the knowledge that you'll most likely see any early losses return to play later, which when you are throwing even 20FP Striders around is bound to get your opponent quaking.

It's simple to get a horrendously high FP Strider in play early on and so much fun when you do. It's not an unbeatable deck (bion & infinity defence laughs at it) but it's something a little different.
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Kosh K95x
post Sep 13 2003, 06:57 AM
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Group: Life
Posts: 381
Joined: Jan 2003
From: Largo, FL
Member No.: 37

My deck is aptly titled "Shackled Golem". It attempts to win by having your Field Tech Trooper untap your Shackled Golem toting an Infectious Shield, which then attacks. You shackle your own Golem to make sure he doesn't do something foolish, like frag your FTTs. Mutliple FTTs allow your Golem to attack multilpe times in one turn. For those pesky mech assets that the Golem can't get past easily, you have Microwave Rifle, which Raul will gladly take aim with after spotting the offending assets. To speed up this combo, this deck features the Urdan Penitent + Matter Compiler combo. Everything in the combo except for FTT can drawn out with Matter Compiler.

This deck requires very little covert, so it relies on just the HQ for covert production. Use the Build Sites to draw mil and cyber bases, and use Urdan Martyr or FTT to find your opponent's HQ. When you draw an Urdan Penitent to hand, you can deploy him right away, but you want to hold off running Matter Compiler until you have at least 2 out of 3 major cards for the combo. If you use Matter Compiler early, for example, to pull a Taser Shackle, you might end up drawing another one before you draw your first Golem. If you get lucky and draw out your combo without the need to use Matter Compiler, you can always use Matter Compiler to draw out some extra defense, like a Blinder Cannon or Pillbox.

Christine Palmer might make an interesting addition also. She can help you draw Golem or Infectious Shield, and she's re-usable, unlike Matter Compiler.

1 Sixth Anniversary HQ
1 Ashraf Mobolade
2 Blinder Cannon
4 Field Tech Trooper
2 Pillbox
2 Raul Grange
3 Salvaged Golem
3 Silent Sentinel
2 Urdan Martyr
2 Urdan Penitent
2 Infectious Shield
2 Microwave Rifle
4 Taser Shackles
2 Matter Compiler
1 Ammo Cache
1 BitTap
1 Brain Bank
2 Build Site
1 Desert Training Camp
1 Network Uplink
3 NSA Franchise
1 Sarkov Combine Refinery

- Kosh K95x
"That's because it's so full of mercy!" - Nicholas D. Wolfwood
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post Sep 13 2003, 01:00 PM
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Big Kid

Group: Life
Posts: 52
Joined: Jun 2003
From: Toronto, but from Ireland
Member No.: 106

Just a quick ujpdate last place will get 100 unc to help them with their deck tongue.gif

"Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the baseball bat of the owner"
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Lord Chaos
post Sep 13 2003, 04:14 PM
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Big Kid

Group: Life
Posts: 37
Joined: Aug 2003
Member No.: 175

I love doing things in the game and your opponant having a tough time doing much about it. So here one of the decks I came up with using some of my favorite assets (as well as some very under-used assets in my opinion).


1 Corperate HQ (Archipelago)
3 Archipelago Artist
3 Dr. Gaseau
3 Nakuran Assassin
4 Nakuran Sniper
4 Wirehead Jones
4 Psychotropic Juice
4 Covert Ops Contract
4 Brain Bank
2 Build Site
2 Deep Water Research Centers
3 Razor Academy

I use the HQs stealth to help the assets defending me to stay hidden so they are usable until I have the Gaseaus and Wireheads out. The wirehead with a juice and a thel escorting a sniper or two and the artists take down the enemy's hand and defenders with Antiterroism. Then the Artisits go to work on the HQ, hiding every turn with a little plastic surgery via the Doctor. The assassins and a sniper (protected with thel and wirehead again) stay at home to slow down or stop my opponant from beating me down first.

The deck isnt the most competitive but it sure is alot of fun to play!

Enjoy original.gif


Honestly. Sir...and miss out on enjoying my truck rippling and melting under me as the asphalt roils and spews charteuse magma into a candy-colored sky? I hardly think so.
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post Sep 14 2003, 01:09 AM
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King DVL of Whoreland

Group: Life
Posts: 33
Joined: May 2003
From: So. Cal
Member No.: 98

2 Bodysnatch
1 Failsafe AI
1 Failsafe Core Memory
1 Failsafe Limbic Subsystem
1 Failsafe Semantic Network
2 H. Thalmann
1 ICBM Launch Orders
1 Military Surplus
1 Nonames HQ (Syndicate)
4 NSA Franchise
1 Ops Center
3 Pillbox
2 Reprocess
3 SAR Team
4 Silent Sentinel
3 Software Maintenance Contract
1 Stormcatcher AI
1 Symmetric Channel
1 Tetsujin
3 Tinker Base
2 Torch Cycle
4 Urdan Penitent
1 Xing Master

There's my deck. It is basically speed and failsafe AI. You get the urdan penitent's out, get some program (usually failsafe ai) + run it. You can do this in one turn with nonames hq (syndicate). You then sar team it, and do it again the next turn, or if you have an extra sar team..the same turn! Get Failsafe AI up easily before turn 6, find their location Symmetric Channel, then nail them before they know what hits them. If plan a doesn't work, theres an ICBM to use, kill everything, then use failsafe ai's special to draw an angel, and kill them before they have a chance to defend. Pillboxes, silent sentinels, and thels help slow down their offense, giving you a chance to win easily. If they're going mech, you can also slow them down by using Tetsujin, non-mech you can use Xing Master, and so on. Fun deck, easy win.
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Verda Steleto
post Sep 14 2003, 05:51 AM
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Big Kid

Group: Life
Posts: 40
Joined: Feb 2003
Member No.: 55


Ah well. Guess I took so long writing up Hulk Smash that I missed the deadline. So I'll take it down and polish it up for a Project Omega submission or something.

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post Sep 15 2003, 05:30 AM
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Rug Rat

Group: Life
Posts: 2
Joined: Sep 2003
Member No.: 201

3 Bion Pod
4 Saro Gbokoo
4 Urdan Tech
4 Winston 'Spurs' Sloan
1 Rocket Pack
3 H. Thalmann
4 Software Maintenance Contract
1 Closed Border v1.1
1 Comm Jammer
1 Guard Dog v5.0
2 Lohwan's Backdraft
1 Luddite Revenge 2.0
1 Matter Compiler
2 Power Surge
1 R&D Slavedriving
1 Reconstructive Nanoprobes
2 Routing Optimization 2.2
1 Wiretap
3 Build Site
1 CyberOps HQ
5 T'am Line

This'll be short because I'm leaving to go back to college in an hour or so. You just get out the routing ops and run all your defensive programs. Rocket pack a saro so he can run in to the HQ, surge, run out and use RD network. Use techs to copy the surges of course, and all the other programs basically shut down your HQ from attack. You get a bion pod out by turn 4 or earlier with all these programs out, and you're pretty much fit (Matter Compiler.) And if you already draw a bion, use the compiler to get the rocket pack. Like I said in the other post, I don't have any BP besides the surges to use, so there's nothing in there. Also, I'm not sure about the metagame now, or if there are any new BP cards that screw up the deck. I made this deck before CyberOps HQ got to change to 2 cyber/turn, so I know it'll work alot better than when I made it (Even though it worked insanely good anyway.) This deck is for you Covell: use it, improve it, have fun with it. original.gif

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post Sep 17 2003, 02:36 AM
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Big Kid

Group: Life
Posts: 52
Joined: Jun 2003
From: Toronto, but from Ireland
Member No.: 106

The Best Deck competition is ending tonite at 8, get your last votes in.....

In the event of a tie I will choose for the tied place

Good Luck

"Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the baseball bat of the owner"
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