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Genesis _ Disaster Assistance _ Lack of Support

Posted by: SideshowJoel Jan 3 2004, 03:01 AM

While I applaud Andrea for all the work she has done in resurrecting ChronX and allowing the community to thrive, there are a few things that have been bothering me about ChronX lately.
I understand that BSR is in a bit of a catch-22, in that they are understaffed due to lack of a larger community and unable to support a larger community due to staffing issues. However, some things could definitely be handled better.
Before I get into specific complaints, you may wonder why I am bothering to list them. The answer is because I am trying to gauge the level of frustration people have with these things. Some of them must be reported en masse or nothing will ever get done.
1) Card Bugs. There are many card bugs that have been identified, but no timetable has ever been presented as to when they will be fixed. At least one bug causes the game to crash (the packet sniffer / stormcatcher AI bug). Having a card which behaves improperly is probably the single most frustrating thing that can happen in-game.
2) Lack of Email Response. I have sent at least 5 emails in the past few months regarding bugs and have not even gotten a single response via email.
3) Vague Answers / Lack of Updates. During "help sessions" that Andrea used to have, a common response to just about every pressing question is "we're working on it" with no more detail provided. Similarly, the ChronX development blog ( has not been updated since November.
4) Ribbons. This one may seem kind of egotistical, but I would like some recognition for the 4 director tourneys I was in. I think other people feel the same way, judging by some of the public tags I've read. To my knowledge, no ribbons have been issued since July. (I personally have one from August that has yet to be awarded)
5) Card Balancing Issues. There are several cards which have come up as seeming unbalanced to a large number of people. For instance, see the dresdner HQ thread in Network Uplink. These should be addressed in a public forum (perhaps in the core at specified times), so that the overall level of frustrated people is lowered. A good explanation as to why the cards are balanced would be all that is necessary, as long as it stood up to critical analysis.

The above are my biggest complaints with ChronX. Like I said, I am certainly thankful that it is still around and it is certainly among the most enjoyable games I have ever played. However, I think it could be so much better!
- Joel

Posted by: SpamLord Jan 3 2004, 03:05 AM


Show up in the core on Saturday, Jan 10th at 14:00 server time. Andrea has posted a room in the core that says there will be a "State of the Game" discussion at that time. Let's hear what she has to say. Also, that would be a great time for questions as well.


Posted by: TheGarAPPA Jan 3 2004, 05:39 AM

QUOTE (SpamLord @ Jan 2 2004, 02:05 PM)
Show up in the core on Saturday, Jan 10th at 14:00 server time.  Andrea has posted a room in the core that says there will be a "State of the Game" discussion at that time.  Let's hear what she has to say.  Also, that would be a great time for questions as well.

I agree with both posts. I'm VERY frustrated with the current support level, even though I came in spending in order to support Andrea in her efforts. I came back to ChronX specifically to support Andrea, and I've heard absolutely nothing back from many emails, including offers to help.

I also agree that the thing to do is show up in the State of the Game room and listen.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful if someone could post the chat log here, if possible.

I'll try to get one, but I'm not sure that I can stay for the whole thing depending how long it goes.

I hope everyone will come with the attitude of:

1) Listen
2) Determine if there is a way WE CAN HELP
3) Offer constructive suggestions, after thinking, and probably by email.

Andrea's not stupid. The fact that we're having this meeting is evidence that she is aware that we've got a problem. Let's see how we can work together to make things better.

Posted by: BigJoe Jan 5 2004, 05:29 AM

Well let's see what with Breakpoint and soon Reboot being released that's almost 300 cards that have/are being released and Razorball to run I an pretty happy with Andreas choices for her time. Sure I'd like to see the news screen kept curent and the Blog and other stuff but let's face it Andrea has done more in the time shes owned it then had benn done for the three or so years before she did.

Posted by: Reigning_King Jan 5 2004, 10:17 AM

1) Card bugs: These usually get updated in mass, when there is a major overhual needed. Most of these should be fixed during the next card change round, because often times the card can reuire *gasp* a card change.
2) They dont reply to emails in regards to bugs. It would just take way too much time to respond to every single bug report.
3)Vague Answers/Updates: This goes way back to WA!. Andrea used to make give direct answers to only come back to bite her. Vague answers > no answers/ answers you cant keep
4) Ideally I guess it would be nice to get ribon updates maybe 4 times a year, but it looks like they are going to be done twice a year.
5) You do not also understand that card balancing is a major thing, and should only be done in a last resort. How do you know if it is the last resort? by waiting several months to see if cards eventually come back into check by themselves. Again, this is a small community, so it would take longer to see if the population can bring problem cards back in line.

Posted by: BSR Andrea Jan 5 2004, 10:40 AM

Joel and I spoke in the core. Good rant, I have some answers in the next synchronize (tonight or tomorrow), some at the all-hands meeting on Saturday, and some I just don't have answers for right now.

Posted by: BigJoe Jan 8 2004, 05:48 PM

Lol well gey ready because if this Beatdown BS is anything like WA was she'll be doing a lot less for CX.

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