who here has a MySpace account? i was thinking, if a lot of people here are also members of MySpace, then we can all join together will create a ChronX group right at MySpace.com .

for those who are familiar with Friendster, MySpace is WAY Way way better then Friendster.

for those who aren't familiar with any of them, MySpace is 1 of the many many friends networking sites that has spawned on the Internet. Frienster was the original. what you do is just create a profile and then link it to all of your friend's profiles. they can view your buddylist & you can view their buddylist & their friend's buddylist & their friend's buddylist. if you browse deep enough & get lucky, you may even find an old friend from the past. i've been able to reach a couple of old highschool buddies thanks to these web sites. in some cases, i found their profile, in other cases, they ran into my profile. in either cases, these networking sites have been a lot more helpful then classmate.com.

and if you don't have an account yet, do give it a try. if we can get a decent number of people to join, then i'll start a ChronX group to link all of our profiles together. it will be like having a ChronX Members Directory. i'm sure that the ChronX staff can easily pull something like this off too, but if we do this at ChronX.com, then we would have to contact them everytime we want to update our profiles - like they're gonna have the time to deal with this. MySpace would be better because each of us would have access to our own profiles & direct control on it's layout & appearance.

if anyone has any questions or comments about this idea, do let me know.